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Marketing and business development advice

We help you to optimize your marketing and develop your business

Advice focused on effectiveness
The glut of marketing agencies and tools on the market can be confusing and lead to bad choices. That is why we analyze your business needs and objectives first, in order to offer you what makes sense for your company. We help you to select the actions and solutions that are the best fit for you, in terms of results, day to day management and financial costs.

Advice focused on continuity
In order to remain competitive, regular re-examination of the chosen marketing actions and solutions is capital to ensure that they are in line with your goals. In particular, we offer different kinds of audit and can implement monitoring, whether of online (websites, newsletters, acquiring/retaining customers or members) or offline marketing (partnerships, events, etc.).

Advice focused on specialization
Because every field has its experts, it may be necessary to recruit outside agencies or additional marketing associates to concretize your projects. We help you choose in line with your needs and your financial constraints, and we help you to recruit the best talent for your company.


Strategic guidance

We help you to get through the rough times

Every company experiences several development cycles that each offers its own set of challenges. How to reach the break-even point? How to kick-start growth when it has reached a plateau? How to handle rapid growth? How to transition smoothly from a small family business to a medium-sized company? Should we consider internationalization, diversification, etc…? We are here to help you answer those questions.

Sometimes change can be even more sudden: handing over a business, new capital investment, a change in shareholders, life’s little surprises… These are the times when outside assistance can make all the difference.


Executive coaching

We are at your side in your daily life as an executive

It is not always plain sailing when you run a SME by yourself, and we can also assist you in the long term. This personalized coaching is adapted to your situation, needs and the context of your business, and can last anything from a few weeks to a few years. After assessing skills and preferences, together we will make a blueprint that allows you to move forward in all the key areas for the running of your company.