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A collaborative organization is an agile organization

Organizations need to become more flexible and responsive. How can this be achieved?

1. By implementing Design Thinking across the organization.

Active listening, people-centric solutions, interdisciplinary teams, collaborative creation and collective intelligence are the key principles of this method, which quickly becomes a mindset.

2. By strategically rethinking human interactions.

Effective, harmonious teamwork is the fruit of a strategy based on the specific makeup of the team, which must be considered beyond the sum of its parts.

Elixir Consulting is an official partner of AssessFirst, an evaluation solution that defines both the potential of the team and the potential of each individual member of that team. Among other benefits, AssessFirst makes it possible to test team scenarios in relation to different goals and to anticipate potential stumbling blocks.

The results of AssessFirst speak for themselves:

– 20%

in recruitment costs

– 30%

in recruitment time

– 50%

minimum in turnover

+ 15%

minimum in performance

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