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The importance of innovation

In a climate of sluggish economic growth and strong competition, the most effective way for an organization to grow is to innovate.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily require large sums of money or personnel with doctorates. There’s a difference between invention and innovation. An invention is a revolution, while an innovation is an improvement, whether in a product, a service or a process.

Design Thinking is the method “par excellence” of developing innovations that combine functionality and long-term viability. Why?

Here are the three primary reasons to use Design Thinking in all your innovation projects:

By taking the time to ask the right questions and arrive at an in-depth understanding of the problems faced by the various stake holders, you avoid putting the cart before the horse.

By following a proven, structured methodology, you can advance in stages, including reflection and validation every step of the way, thus significantly reducing the risks inherent in any innovation.

By working in non-hierarchical multidisciplinary teams, you leverage the collective intelligence of the group, thereby increasing the odds of achieving impactful, cross-cutting innovations.

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