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Employee motivation: the Achilles heel of the organization

In Switzerland,¹ only 13 percent of employees (15 percent worldwide) are actively engaged in their work, while 76 percent are not engaged (indifferent) and 12 percent are actively disengaged (active sabotage).

Increased employee motivation comes about through better satisfaction of the needs of each individual employee. What solutions are available?


Design Thinking, being human-centered, makes it possible to understand the unsatisfied logistical and, especially, emotional needs at the root of disengagement.


Elixir Consulting is an official partner of AssessFirst, a tool that provides insight into an organization’s employees and their motivations at the individual level, permitting productive, targeted management.


Elixir Consulting offers theoretical and practical training on employee motivation, enabling managers to mobilize their teams more easily and effectively.

1. Most recent Gallup State of the Global Workforce Report

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