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Evolution is no longer a choice

Today’s world is VUCA. This acronym, first used in 1987 and subsequently introduced by the US Army War College to describe the post-Cold War new world order, has since become part of our economic vocabulary. VUCA: “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity”

The digital transformation is probably the most well-known aspect of this new paradigm. Even if it seems superfluous to bring up the topic considering how much media attention it has received, the fact remains that, in many organizations, this transformation is far from complete. Why?

Digital transformation is often confused with dematerialization. Dematerialization implies doing the same thing the same way but through digital media. Digital transformation means doing different things in different ways.

People often confuse the means with the end. Resorting to large-scale investments in IT that’s not always adapted to your needs puts you at risk of stalling your competitiveness, which is the exact opposite of the intended result. In an organization, IT must be a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The solution? Any successful transformation must emanate from the executive team and then progress as a collective effort, in accordance with the guiding principles that are unique to the organization in question.

Elixir Consulting organizes custom retreats for company executives, administrators and staff with the goal of defining or confirming the strategic vision that’s necessary for their organization’s digital transformation.

The best guide to your strategy? Design Thinking will enable you to ascertain the needs of your clientele and implement the necessary actions to ensure customer satisfaction now and in the future.

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